Fully funded PhD and PostDoc positions in the Bange lab!


There are several possibilities for PhD and PostDoc positions (until filled) in my group at the LOEWE Center for synthetic Microbiology (SYNMIKRO) at the Philipps University Marburg, Germany.


SYNMIKRO is a highly interdisciplinary center that consists of members from seven faculties of the university of Marburg and the four departments of the local Max Planck Institute. Drawing on Marburg’s highly-rated expertise in microbiology, it integrates almost 30 laboratory groups at the university and the Max Planck Institute to cover all aspects of microbial life from the molecular level to whole cells and communities.


Projects involve multidisciplinary approaches to understand molecular mechanisms involved in:


1.) The control of the bacterial metabolism by nucleotide-based second messengers in response to stress and environmental changes.


2.) The spationumerical regulation of membrane-embedded nanomachines (e.g. the flagellum).


3.) Linking metabolism and stress response to ribosome biogenesis (e.g. bacteria, algae and human)


3.) The role of the stress response of pathogens during host invasion.



Research projects will foster skills in cell biology, quantitative biochemistry, automated hydrogen-deuterium exchange massspectrometry (HDX), X-ray protein crystallography and cryoEM.


Please send your letter of interest including your area of interest, a CV and the names of three referees as a single pdf document to: gert@bangelab.org.

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