We are always looking for motivated coworkers!


How to become a lab member?

We always search for highly motivated and creative personalities! Applications are welcome at any time.

No specific knowledge is required, but a strong interest in unraveling important molecular mechanisms by an interdisciplinary methodological approach is of benefit.

There are 2 tracks to enter the lab:

Track 1:  Your are looking for a Bachelor- or Masterproject in the lab? That's easy - write a quick email to Gert (gert@bangelab.org).

Track 2:  You would like to do your PhD or PostDoc in the lab? In this case, please send an e-mail including a motivation letter, curriculum vitae to Gert Bange (gert@bangelab.org).


We are part of the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Environmental, Cellular and Molecular Microbiology.

You might want to consider applying to our group through the IMPRS program (Please check your eligibility here: details...)






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