Welcome to the Bange Lab 

The Bange Lab is located at the Philipps-University-Marburg - one of the most traditional places for natural sciences in Germany.

We are part of the interdisciplinary Center for Synthetic Microbiology (Synmikro) and the Faculty of Chemistry.

Microorganisms provide the greatest diversity within the biosphere and conquered every possible niche ranging from hot springs to the human gut. 

Key to the evolutionary success is their fast adaptability leading to specific features attributed to the environmental settings. 


The mission of the AG Bange is to understand the molecular inventory of microbes and its adaptation through the course of evolution by combining high-resolution techniques with systems- and cell biology approaches. 

We want you to join our CRISPR-Cas research!


If you are interested in a PhD project aiming at structure and mechanism of type-I CRISPR-Cas systems, please send your letter of intent including a representative CV to: gert@bangelab.org.


Further reading:

Pausch P, Müller-Esparza H, Gleditzsch D, Altegoer F, Randau L, Bange G (2017). Structural variation of type I-F CRISPR RNA guided DNA surveillance. Molecular Cell, 67(4):622-632


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