Awards for group members

2021:  ERC Advanced Grant (Gert Bange)

2021:  Fellow of the Max Planck Society (Gert Bange)

2020:  Award for excellent PhD supervision at the University of Marburg (Gert Bange)

2020:  PhD award of the University of Marburg (Laura Czech)

2020:  PhD award of the VAAM  (Laura Czech)

2019:  PhD award of the VAAM  (Patrick Pausch)

2019:  Special award of the Initiative for Bio- and Nanotechnology (Gert Bange)

2018:  PhD award of the Philipps-University (Patrick Pausch)

2018:  iGEM Giant Jamboree - Overgrad (Gert Bange as main instructor of the team)

2017:  PhD award of the Philipps-University (Florian Altegoer)

2016:  Kurt-Dehnicke PhD award (Wieland Steinchen)




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