Lab Head


Dr. Gert Bange

mail: /OR/

phone: +49-6421-2823361



Dr. Florian Altegoer 


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Dr. Patricia Bedrunka 


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Dr. Magdalena Rakwalska


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -2824440


Dr. Wieland "Willy" Steinchen


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


-operates: automated Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange Massspectrometry (HDX-MS) at the DFG core facilty for Interactions, Dynamics and macromolecular Assembly Structure

PhD students


Pietro Giammarinaro (PhD student)


phone: +49-6421-28-22211



Mohamad Majkini (PhD Student)


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Devid Mrusek (PhD student)


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Patrick Pausch (PhD student)

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 



Lynn Binnebesel (Master student)


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 


Thomas Klaus (Master student)

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Rouzbeh Mahdavi (Master Student)


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Anja Paulus (Master student)

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 


Anke Tribensky (Master student)

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Sebastian "Carsten" Wolniak (Master student)

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225

Technical staff


Lukas Schier 

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225


Galina Zielke 

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -22225

Honary member(s) & Visitors


Chief Sceptic &

Intellectual Sparring Partner of Dr. B. &

The Voice of the Customer

(Honorary Member of the Group - He is not dead, Magda!)



Dr Gajraj S Kushwaha - EMBO short-term fellow

Young Scientist, 
Transcription Regulation Group,
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology,
New Delhi










These guys will always have a place in our heart.


Laura Werel (Master student)

-2016 - 2017: Master student

-Last seen: PhD student with Prof. Dr. L.O. Essen, Marburg


Luis Beck (Master student)

-2016/2017: Master student

-Last seen: Bristol-Mayer Squibb


Dr. Carina Knauer 

-2013 - 2016: PhD student

-Last seen: Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss (G-BA), Berlin


Stefanie Gasch (Master student)

-2016/2017: Master student

-Last seen: Marburg


Maksym Vaskin (Erasmus Fellow)

-Erasmus Fellow from February to April 2017



Yasmine Tarek

-2016: Exchange student from the German University Kairo

-Last seen: University of Heidelberg


Chris Fage, PhD

-2014 - 2016: Joint PostDoc with Prof. Mohamed Marahiel

-Last seen as PostDoc at University of Warwick, UK


Dr. Jan Schuhmacher

-2013 - 2015: PhD student and FCI fellow

-Last seen as PostDoc with Prof. Marino Zerial, MPI Dresden, Germany


Daniela Geist 

-2014 - 2015: Master Biology

-Last seen as PhD student with Prof. Führer, Universitätsklinkum Essen, Germany


Sabrina Henche 

2014 - 2015: Master Chemistry

Last seen as PhD student with B. Hauer, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Marian Vogt 

2014 - 2015: Master Biology

Last seen as PhD student with L.O. Essen, Philipps-University Marburg, Germany


Marco Kühn 

2013 - 2014: Master Biology

Last seen as PhD student with K. Thormann, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany 


Maximillian Keiß

2015: Bachelor Chemistry


Christian Muchowski

2013 - 2014: Master Biology

Last seen as developer with R-Biopharm AG, Darmstadt, Germany

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