Lab Head


Prof. Dr. Gert Bange




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Karin Sievers

+49-6421 28 24401

Staff Scientist & Team Leader


Dr. Thomas Heimerl



Staff Scientist: Electron Microscopy facility


Dr. Johannes Freitag


Team Leader: Fungal physiology & Genetics

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Dr. Jan Pane-Farre


Team Leader: Microbial cell biology and physiology

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Dr. Wieland Steinchen


Team Leader: DFG Core Facility for Interactions, Dynamics and macromolecular assembly structure

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Prof. Dr. Xuehua (Lilly) Zheng


Guest-Professor from Guangzhou Medical University (China)





Dr. Patricia Bedrunka



Dr. Felix Dempwolff




Dr. Nils Mais




Dr. Liujuan Zheng



Dr. Xinwei Liu 

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Graduate Students


Fabiana Burchert 

phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 


Marvin Christ




Anita Dornes



Itzel Rubio Elizalde



Thomas Iwen



Ekatarina Jalomo Khayrova




Victor Zegarra Leon




Renuka Dharani Shivakumar




Julie van Szyttenholm

email: coming soon



Paul Weiland


joint with Prof. Dr. Andreas Burchert 

Technical staff


Pauline Plitzko


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 



Natalie Happel 


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 



Antonia Kern


phone: +49-6421-28-23363 or -24440 



Tina Krieg

+49 6421 28 25516 (Büro) oder +49 6421 28 25526


Monica Urbanowicsz

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Honary member(s) & Visitors


Chief Sceptic &

Intellectual Sparring Partner of Dr. B. &

The Voice of the Customer

(Honorary Member of the Group - He is not dead, Magda!)



Dr. Magdalena Rakwalska-Bange

First lady!










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